I use Git and want to track upstream WordPress.

[UPDATE] I was using a utility here called svn2git. That was crazy. Now I’m just using git-svn and it rocks.

Here’s what I do to track Wordpress SVN. It couldn’t be easier.

git svn clone -s http://core.svn.wordpress.org wordpress_svn

The -s flag tells it you’ve got a normal-looking SVN repo. I clone it into a git repo (folder) called wordpress_svn

It takes FOREVER… replaying svn history one commit at a time.

When you’re done… have a look at the branches

cd wordpress_svn
git branch -r

To refresh it (or if it dies halfway through) just

git svn rebase

Couldn’t be easier. I have mine at https://github.com/newington/wordpress - master branch and usually at least one recent topic branch should be current.