Among the various things we’re doing for UNE’s move to Moodle, one thing we thought would be cool would be to remove the ancient option Assignment type that allows only one student file per submission (and no teacher “response” files).

This gives us a stack of simple benefits:

  • we only have to hook up online marking to one type
  • we can hook our funky new print and scanning system up to one type
  • teachers never get stuck having allowed one file and then wanting to allow more
  • teachers don’t have to remember that the more limited type doesn’t allow them to provide responses

Making the changes is really simple:

First, add a config setting (in config.php):

$CFG->assignment_hide_uploadsingle = true;

Then tweak mod/assignment/lib.php as per the commit at

The change is basically:

-    $standardassignments = array('upload','online','uploadsingle','offline');
+    $standardassignments = array('upload','online','offline');

It doesn’t break any existing assignments of that type - just means your teachers won’t go creating new ones.