Getting back into Drupal at UNE Flexible and Online

Last month we set up a quick Drupal 6/Acquia site. It’s my first foray back into Drupal since some projects two years ago with Fairfax and Austereo. The strategy to go online with communications for our program of twenty-something projects at UNE Flexible and Online was to fourfold:

  • to visually convey our four key messages: choice and flexibility, a seamless student experience, driving innovation, and regionally based; globally oriented.
  • to aggregate posts from our various blogs (including mine for the Revitalising Learning Program)
  • to provide a “who’s who” of Program team members ad
  • to give us a platform for distributing information about the various individual projects.

Getting it online was a cinch - we used Chef Solo to build the server (on Sydney-based VPSes at Mammoth - currently on just the $20/mth plan). I’m not a massive fan of PHP, but it sure was easy!